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About Us


          Total Health Clinic has a purpose to take care everyone as holistic medicine by combine both Western Medicine and Eastern Medicine together. We aim to treat and cure every symptoms or diseases, and also prevent those symptoms or diseases to coming back too. Our knowledge included standard Western Medicine, Anti-aging Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine, included Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine too.

          For treating each person and achieving your best result, we will choose what type of treatment will treat your symptoms and diseases the best, and we will choose base on published research.

          Also for chronic diseases, long term use of medication may cause problem to your liver and kidney, which are the precious organs that get rid of chemicals from body, to ensure that your body will not be damaged or accumulated too much of the left over chemical, we will try to lower your Western medication to the minimum as possible by combine using natural vitamins, acupuncture and Chinese herbs.

          For prevent the symptoms and diseases, we have many treatments to make your body perform optimize, booze your immune system, slow down the degenerative process of body by vitamins, acupuncture and Chinese herbs.

          Every treatment will under control of Physician and Certified Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor and our team consult each other regularly, so you could be sure that you will receive the best treatment from Western Medicine and Eastern Medicine.

Total Health Clinic

  • Location Sethanant 3rd floor, 1000 Rama9 Road, in front of Soi Ramanine 54, across the Nine community mall 
  • Opening hours  Wednesday to Monday (Closed on Tuesday)  9:00 -17.00 O'clock 
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  • Phone numbers  02-7189980 , 02-1160667  (This latter number has automatic recorded message, so you could leave your name, contact numbers and messages.)
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  • Line@ ID  @bdm9171k   You could ask questions and make appointment with us on  this Line@ too. 

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  • Driving direction
          Starting from the Nine community mall driving outbound from city on Rama 9 Road, stay on far right land,
          Make a U-turn before the bridge to motorway,
          You will be on inbound to city of Rama 9 Road, passed two 7-11 shops then change into left lane,
          The Sethanant building will be on your left at the corner of Soi Rama nine 54 and Rama 9 Road,
          Parking underneath the building , access parking lot on left side of Soi Rama nine 54,
          Our clinic is on 3rd floor
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